Veal Per Pound – Great Taste and Good Value

As meat lovers and gourmet chefs everywhere can attest, there is nothing quite like the delicate flavor of veal. Buying veal per pound is the most economical way to get that flavor you crave at a price to fit your budget.

Many butchers and grocery stores offer veal per pound, just like most other meat. There are also many on-line retailers that offer both formula- and milk-fed veal. Generally, milk-fed veal is a higher price per pound, but you get what you pay for as the meat is typically more tender and flavorful than formula-fed. If you buy a large quantity of veal, per pound prices will generally be lower.

There are virtually limitless ways to prepare the veal once you’ve purchased it. Veal per pound is an incredibly versatile food source, giving rise to all sorts of creative meal choices. Veal Parmesan, veal Piccata, and veal Milanese are standard veal dishes that can be easily prepared and are intensely satisfying.

Veal chops can be cooked on the grill or broiler, pan fried, or baked, and smaller chunks of veal can be used in soups and stews. Since the meat is so lean, it is important to do everything possible to lock vital moisture in. Ways to do this include searing the outside of the meat at a high temperature before cooking fully at lower levels and adding flavorful moisture by wrapping veal roasts in bacon or other fatty meat products before cooking.

One additional benefit of buying veal per pound is the ability to mix and match different cuts to enhance your recipes and add nutritional value. Boneless and bone-in cuts of veal can be used together when cooking to add different flavors to your meals. Veal is traditionally lower in fat than normal beef, and it is high in unsaturated fatty acids, which are an essential part of any healthy, balanced diet. Veal is also high in amino acids and zinc, other essential nutrients necessary for a strong, healthy body.

Buying veal per pound is another way to add interest to your diet while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With so many ways to prepare and serve it, veal could easily be an integral part of anyone’s weekly menu.