Trailer Hitch BBQ Pit

bbq smoker with wheelsTailgate parties are a popular and beloved American pastime and nothing makes a tailgate party come alive like a cooler full of cold ones and a trailer hitch bbq pit.

While you could always pull along a small portable bbq pit, or something like the Bayou Classic Smoker shown here, why go to the hassle when it is so easy and convenient to obtain a trailer hitch bbq pit that is specially designed for such events? Not only does a trailer hitch barbeque pit work well for tailgate parties, but it is also very convenient for other activities and events such as campouts.

A trailer hitch pit can easily go for several thousand dollars but you won’t be disappointed when you see what that kind of price gets you. Even a ‘lightweight’ hitch bbq pit comes fully loaded with plenty of features to make sure you and friends create some of the best tasting barbecue around.

Trailer Hitch BBQ Pit Sizes

A smaller trailer-hitch bbq pit will typically come standard with a 24 x 60 inch cooking area as well as stainless steel roller grates and a stainless firebox. You can also depend on stainless steel domes and a stainless steel roasting pan with your trailer barbecue pit purchase.

A trailer hitch barbecue pit will cook your meat from all the way from 170 degree up to 650 degrees, depending on your needs. With dual stainless steel fold-down shelves and a quick connect gas coupling, you can be sure your trailer hitch bbq pit will allow you to get your barbecue fired up in no time at all.

A large commercial style trailer hitch pit will cost you around $20,000; however you receive plenty of features for both commercial style needs as well as family and friends cookouts. This style of trailer hitch bbq pit comes with 3 cooking areas to prepare whatever you have in mind and all the features you would expect from a high quality trailer hitch bbq pit.

A trailer hitch bbq pit of this magnitude also typically comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure you enjoy your bbq pit for a lifetime of good eating.