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What to Use as an Egg Substitute for Baking

Its a long weekend and you feel like cooking, in fact, you want to bake some blueberry muffins. You find a good recipe, but the mix calls for 3 eggs, and you only have 1. Dont feel like driving to the store, because the day was so relaxing up until now? Havn't built that chicken… Read More

How to Cook Quinoa

quinoa fennel salad

What is Quinoa? How to Rinse Quinoa Can you Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker? Ever since I mentioned quinoa when I wrote about gluten free breakfasts, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to cook it and what is it exactly, anyway. Preparing quinoa is easy- if you can cook rice, you can… Read More

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

Nothing soothes my sweet tooth quite like a cool cup of chocolate pudding on a hot afternoon. Except if it’s loaded with sugar. The sugar free pudding that you can get in the stores usually is sweetened with Aspartame, which always tastes a little funny to me, sort of metallic and synthetic. I prefer something… Read More

Are Oats Gluten Free?

Oats themselves are considered to be gluten free these days. Although some people do have a food allergy to them, this is a separate issue. Oats do not contain gluten. But the problem is that this only holds true for pure, uncontaminated oats. Most commercial oat products are cross-contaminated with barley, wheat and/or rye sometime… Read More

Foods with Gluten

Most everyone is aware that the following foods contain gluten, (as long as they know that wheat contains gluten) but for completeness sake: Bagels Bread- wheat, rye, pumpernickel etc Breakfast Cereal Cake Cookies Doughnuts Gravy Muffins Pie Crust and Pastry Pancakes Pasta Pizza Dough Waffles For the gluten avoidance diet, there are a lot of… Read More