What to Use as an Egg Substitute for Baking

Its a long weekend and you feel like cooking, in fact, you want to bake some blueberry muffins. You find a good recipe, but the mix calls for 3 eggs, and you only have 1. Dont feel like driving to the store, because the day was so relaxing up until … [Continue reading]

How to Cook Quinoa

What is Quinoa? How to Rinse Quinoa Can you Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker? Ever since I mentioned quinoa when I wrote about gluten free breakfasts, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to cook it and what is it exactly, anyway. Preparing quinoa … [Continue reading]

Are Oats Gluten Free?

Oats themselves are considered to be gluten free these days. Although some people do have a food allergy to them, this is a separate issue. Oats do not contain gluten. But the problem is that this only holds true for pure, uncontaminated oats. Most … [Continue reading]

Foods with Gluten

Most everyone is aware that the following foods contain gluten, (as long as they know that wheat contains gluten) but for completeness sake: Bagels Bread- wheat, rye, pumpernickel etc Breakfast Cereal Cake Cookies Doughnuts Gravy Muffins Pie Crust … [Continue reading]