How to Cook New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak on GrillThere are a variety of ways to cook a New York strip steak in order to maximize flavor, tenderness, and the general enjoyment of the steak. However, the way you want to cook your steak will depend solely on your taste buds and the way you like to cook steak.

Remember, however, that when shopping for strip steak it might be sold under another name like Delmonico, shell steak, Kansas City steak, or even the boneless club steak. This may seem confusing, but all of these names are used to describe the New York strip steak.

When you buy a New York steak to cook you may have no idea how to cook a steak rare, medium, medium well, or well done. This is not easy for some chefs either, so it will take you a little time and practice to learn how to cook a New York strip steak exactly the way you like it.

Grilled New York Strip Steak

In general, the best way to cook a strip steak is either to grill it or roast it, so unless you are good at cooking you may want to reserve your New York strip steak eating for restaurants. If you are determined to give it a go, however, consider these cooking tips for the NY strip steak.

The New York strip steak can be cooked however you like it as well as the other people you are cooking for if you simply understand how steaks are cooked. For a rare New York steak you should cook the steak to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, 150 for medium rare, 160 for medium, 165 medium well and 170 will result in a well done strip steak.

Understanding the temperatures is important to cook your strip steak just the way you like it. However, you really need a meat thermometer to test the meat and know when it is ready to be taken up. If you don’t have one then when cooking a New York strip steak you might end up with steaks not cooked exactly as you had planned. While an undercooked steak is easy to fix, if you overcook the steak then you may very well ruin its flavor. Keep this in mind when cooking your next New York strip steak and it will likely turn out better.

Photo by noonch, Creative Commons Attribution


Wikipedia: A strip is a long, thin piece of a bigger item.