Where to Find the Commercial BBQ Pit You Need

commercial bbq pit grillerNeed a commercial bbq pit replacement? Opening a bbq restaurant? Serious about that upcoming bbq cook-off? Then you may need some information to help you decide which bbq pit to buy. So, to save you some time, here’s a look at a few of these big boys found while surfing around on the ‘Net.

Commercial barbeque pit choices lie predominately within two choices of construction – those made from brick and those made from metal. Invariably, those made from metal outsell brick pits 10 to one mainly because of the obvious: A metal commercial bbq pit affords mobility, whereas a brick commercial bbq pit remains forever rooted where built.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of the metal commercial bbq pit, this article focuses on those. Here are a few bbq pit manufacturers to help get you started in the search for equipment suitable for your own specialized needs.

Old Hickory Pits at www.OldHickoryPits.com makes a commercial bbq pit to suit any need. This Missouri-based manufacturer and seller markets products not only in the United States, but all around the world. Offering 10 state-of-the-art (of barbecue) models – in addition to the trailers to carry them – this Web site does not put prices online, but prefers customers call or e-mail them. According to customers, every commercial bbq pit Old Hickory Pits makes produces consistency and quality when cooking with it.

Real Grill (www.RealGrill.com), another online commercial bbq pit maker, operates out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Real Grill offers eight sizes of grills, smokers, and cookers for customers looking for equipment to accommodate any large-scale barbecue need. Sizes range from its smallest unit, the RG-12, which sells for $599, to its largest-sized commercial bbq pit, the TRG-500, offered at $4,895.

Southern Pride, www.Southern-Pride.com, in Marion, Illinois, boasts commercial bbq pit expertise from decades in the business. Their products run the gamut from all sizes of gas, electric, and wood-burning ovens, grills, and smokers in stationary as well as mobile units. Southern Pride wholesales its equipment to retail sellers, so no prices are listed, but the site’s search functionality locates dealers across the country.

GrillPro makes a deluxe spit roaster, shown above, with 900 square inches of cooking space, great for hot dogs, steaks, hamburgers,  pork chops, vegetarian shish kabobs, slabs of fresh pineapple, and much more.

These commercial bbq pit manufacturers, all industry leaders, should provide you with a running start to discovering just which barbecue equipment you need at the price you can afford. And so, with that, happy hunting – and happy barbecuing!